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NexOffender wrote:

SergioSpain wrote:

I couldn't have said it better myself. A lot of people like to shoot in manual because it makes them feel more in control of the shot, when in reality, if they're using the camera's meter, all they're doing is making more work for themselves by fiddling with the dials. And there's nothing wrong with that as long as they don't preach to everyone about how manual is the only way to go. Let's face it, the exposure triangle is just not that hard to learn. We may like to think it is to feel smarter, but it's not rocket science.

When shooting in manual I sometimes use the camera's meter as a guide, but it's not like you just fiddle with the dials constantly to keep the meter centered, if you do that you are missing the point of manual and might as well use an auto mode instead.

In many situations the light doesn't change very quickly, but if you put your camera in A mode and point the camera at different things, the shutter speed will change depending on what you are pointing it at, even though the lighting is the same. If you understand how your meter works, you can use it to choose your settings while your camera is pointed at something appropriate and you won't have to change them unless the lighting changes. That way you will get consistent exposures without making more work for yourself fiddling with the exposure compensation dial every time you change between dark and light subjects or backgrounds.

I don't preach to everyone that manual is the only way to go, there are plenty of situations where I use A or S mode, but there are also plenty of situations where manual is the best option. If someone wants to learn how to use manual, I don't think it's right to discourage them. Even if you never use it again, I think most beginners could benefit from learning to shoot manual because it forces you to think about your exposure settings, which should lead to better understanding.

+1 million !!!

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