Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

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Re: Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

Newkidhere wrote:

Sorry still hanging with Canon EOS300 Film SLR.. I just to basic Aperture, TL (Shutter Speed) and A-DEP .. very novice .. still have no clue the science of distance I should move to a subject to get right Aperture based picture in the crowd .. I do it on trial and error thanks to the view finder. I still take moving picture by panning my camera in bit low speed setting to try to get the moving effect . .I still take the pictures of the water falls and night sky by manipulating the shutter speed but ask me the Maths behind it or the lens I go pale .. Well this is me. .Now I dropped my camera and shattered it for 4th time and replaced each time with same canon film SLRs(Used ones). .. planning to buy new one again ..

1. Thought why not I buy Minolta maxxium 9 as that I learned is rugged or Canon EOS 1v

Prices of both forced me to look for digital to see if I got equivalent ..NO. I am confused looking at the digital cameras .. Yeah they are awesome to experiment and become perfect very tempting but .. There are so many things on Digital front .. (Should I choose Mirrorless or SLR) .. should I choose full format sensor one or compromise ? Went around and started to google reading stuff and now I gave up to seek help .. what would you a professional in you advise me .. Now you know what I do .. there are so many factors in Digital cameras which are daunting

1. Picture quality as good as Film camera or nearly as good 2. Pictures per charge and capacity and slots of memory

Or should I go ahead with Minolta Maxxium 9 and wait a few more years where digital technology is near equal to Film and affordable. My skill is around 1 in this area and if you can answer me with links and stuff so that I can read and understand what you are saying, I would learn and take your opinions, research and take a decision..

Thanks in Advance.

Newkidhere obviously

Film photography is different than digital photography, and so it has niche uses, mostly in art photography.  Large format film is often used because the expense of large format digital.  Small format film (35mm, 120) is often used in order to obtain a specific look, or in order to use a film specific process, such as cyanotype, van dyke, bichromate, or uranotype just to name a few.  While images that look like these processes on a computer screen can be imitated with digital processing, the effect in a physical print is not possible, or not feasible to do without using film.

However, nearly all commercial, and amateur photography is done with digital because of the very low, per image expense, the quick turn around time, and the advantage of nearly instant feedback.  A few wedding and portrait photographers do make a living using film and darkroom printing, but they are rare.

There is a small, but significant segment of the photographer community that does use film for hobby shooting.  Part of the attraction here is in mechanical cameras, but even in this group, many practitioners scan their negatives. They process and print the scanned files digitally.

A few film shooters do so because the process of using film, and subsequently printing the photographs in a darkroom, is enjoyable to them.  Interestingly, many of these folks are very computer literate, but prefer leisure activities which do not involve computers.

Check out the Rangefinder Forum to find a concentration of film shooters in all of these variations.

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