Best Online Store to Purchase?

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Re: Best Online Store to Purchase?

I'm with lickity split:  For me B+H is just the best, and I would be glad to send my paycheck to Henry P and the guys, have them take the money for the item, and have no doubt I'd get it and the change back in short order.

I ordered a camera last year the day before the hurricane hit NYC:  I got it on time, a week later as originally promised !   I would have gladly accepted almost any delay considering the hell the city went through, but evidently,  they got back on their feet quickly and it was business as usual.


Let me make this clear, BTW:  I'm a blue-collar guy that gets to spend his occasional mad money on my photo hobby.  I have no relationship with B+H in any way other than being a very satisfied customer, wish I had more money to spend with them.

You can internet yourself to death, and there's always a 'deal' that may be a bit cheaper, but that little bit of $$$ is not worth the worry of dealing with strangers, at least to me.  B+H treats me like family.


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