Advice on 85/1.8 - already have 60mm macro

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Re: Advice on 85/1.8 - already have 60mm macro

I don't have the 60 macro, but I do have the 85F1.8. AF is very fast on the 85, inside and out. The focal length is long, so it doesn't get as much use as, say, the 35F2 IS On my 60D. I doubt that the 85 is sharper than the 60 macro anywhere, but the 85 is a very nice lens.

Indoors, the 85 will give you head shots. Outside, it is more versatile. It also can be used at events, like concerts where photos are permitted and you can't get close. It is often used for indoor sports, because the AF is so fast. I don't use it as much as some of my other lenses, but it is really your call as to whether it will work for you. I like a wider focal length for toddlers for a variety of reasons, including more depth of field and getting more of them in the photo.

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