Which Camera? I know you must get tons of these...

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Which Camera? I know you must get tons of these...


I'm a fan of nature photography (large landscapes, animals and macros of small critters), aquarium photos, as well as regular people shots when I go to press conferences.

I would do fast action as it pertains to fish, inverts, etc. Not into sports.

Also, I have large manhands and want a camera that looks like a professional cam. As in...I don't want to walk around with a silver rebel. My hope is to practice tons and eventually do projects for friends and family.

Anyway, here are my options, all USED cameras because I cannot afford new prices but would like to start somewhere.

I do not NEED video or an articulating screen. However, I like that I can use ML on the 50D to get video if I wanted to.

Canon 50D- $400 for body, 1 28-135mm canon lens, 1 bag, 1 battery

Canon 40 D- $175 Body only

I would be willing to spend another $100-$150 on a lens for this.

Those are cameras that have been offered to be where i can pick it up in person.

Ebay has some T3s (not T3I) and other cams in similar price range.

Point is I cannot go above $400 (and honestly would prefer not to go that high).

I just want a decent all around lens.

I am a newb but would prefer to get a solid camera first then grow as I learn to care about the nitty gritty. I mean I've checked flickrs for many types of cameras and trust me, I've READ about tons of cameras, as well as websites that compare them.

However...that kind of stuff really means nothing when the opinion on specs waivers from one person to the next. You know? Sure, 50 D beats out 40 d on one website, but then another site says 40 D all the way...another says T3i is a good beginner camera but if you can get into the xxD line vs xxxd line you're better off. I mean...the 50 D is an advanced amateur cam, and I've seen reporters using the 40d

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