D610 long-exposure noise

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Dave Sanders wrote:

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Interesting...i'm guessing that you have the Long Exposure Noise Reduction set to off? [...] Was this after several other long expsoures in quick succession?

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I do have LENR disabled to save time on reading to the card (I kept it disabled with my D5000 as well). It was only my third or fourth exposure over 30 seconds over the course of a half hour. Just casual artistic shooting, nothing extreme. Even the first several had the same issue.

I'm going to do some more testing tonight. I'd like to be able to come to a conclusion over the next couple days, in case I need to take some kind of action.

That's the problem. LENR is all but mandatory on this camera. Suggest also letting the camera cool down after use of live view, before taking the exposure.

...because my D600 required no LENR. Has there been a change?

Remember, the OP posted a picture with a 170 second exposure, almost 3 minutes.

The effects of thermal noise can be more or less subtle, depending upon the subject and settings, how much live view is used, etc.  I couldn't say anything about your camera without seeing images made with it in comparable circumstances.  But the Exmor sensors run very hot.

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