DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

I have found that LR offers all I need. One of my main worries in moving away from IDImager was the loss of versioning. When I thought about it, LR obviates the need for "versioning" as we used to know it - linking cr2, psd, jpeg, and tiff files created for various purposes, and even several different files within a format, again for various purposes (web, email, print, etc).

In LR, all of these files are automatically linked in the same folder. Most are just virtual copies of the original, and there is no need to keep tiff or jpg copies around. Any psd files created are folded into the LR folder and DB.

9 months of use has verified the above, and I've never missed IDI.

Keywording does all the rest for me, and LR searches/filters are light years faster (and more reliable) than in IDImager.

Add  the fact that LR will populate and mirror my web site (smugmug, but others are supported) is an amazing feature. I rarely have to use anything outside of LR now, although the photoshop link is getting smoother and easier all the time.

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