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Re: Digilux 3

It was great to see your review of the Digilux 3 and that so many others have been submitted. I have used on since it came out, had the lens fixed under warranty and have been very pleased with it ever since. It's technology is surely outdated but not it's sensor which it truly special in my opinion. It's RAW files are extremely malleable in post.  It's not a sports/fast action or low light camera by today's standards but it works well in most situations.  The simplicity of its controls are what I really like about it.  It's interesting that it is the predecessor of most of the "retro" manual control cameras being sold today.  Most importantly are the quality of the files it can produce.

One thing about its pop-up flash - mine doesn't always come on initially when activated.  I think it's that the electrical connections begin to loosen.  I close it and pop it up a few times until I see the little flash symbol show up on the LCD.  It has always come on but the camera should probably go back for an overhaul.  When I called Leica NJ they did tell me it would go back to Germany for repair and would be gone for a month or so.  So I've lived with the flash issue.

Have a great time with the camera.

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