The problem for Samsung: size, weight and too similar

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The problem for Samsung: size, weight and too similar

NX30 and the lenses that have been announced in itself are a good thing. More competition. Also: the lenses by Samsung perform well IQ wise.

Still, no matter what angle you look at it it is probably the worst performer saleswise in the mirrorless market. A reason for this is the fact that Samsug is not a well known name in photography (not appreciated likely) by photographers and this is a cam for more serious shooters. Canikon rule here. Sony and Oly folow with Pentax, Panasonic is clearly behind and Samsung is clearly behind them here (when it comes to popularity).

But I think Samsung is having big difficulties carving out a niche for themselves. I think the reason for this are their choices. They do some things different, but ever so slightly. Also some incompehensible choies, like no EVFpossible on the NX200/NX300.

More importantly: the system is not helped by lenses that are no smaller nor lighter than their APS-c DSLR counterparts.

Look at these comparisons:

Here the Samsung weighs 1050 grams, like the two DSLRs, the OMD+ Panny weighs 700 grams

There is barely a size or weight difference. The OM-D also has weathersealing, which all the other do not have. Yet it weighs significalntly less and it is much smaller. True: DOF for the Samsung is slightly better at the wide angle than the 2 DSLRs and significantly better than (2 stops) the Panny lens. But the size and weight gain are completely lost. The Samsung lens itself weighs more than double that of the m43 lens. It is also 10% heavier than the 16-50 Sony (but again: that is to be expected given its f2.0 at the wide end).

85 mm f1.4 comparedon Pentax, Samsung and Nikon cams

Again: there is virtually no advantage. The Pentax K-50 is somewhat heavier but it is also weathersealed and has IBIS. The Nikon is not heavier. both weigh 1125 gram. The Pentax 1325 gram. The Nikon lens weighs 660 gram, the Samsung 696 and the Sigma on the K-50 is 725 gram. There is little advantage here. The Samsung however has an advantage on one side on the Nikon (it has no stabilsation whatsoever). Otoh: the Nikon lens on D5200 seems to have clearly better IQ than the Samsung lens. The Samsung IS nevertheless a good lens.

Again: alll in all this is not good enoogh to get people jump ship. There is virtually not advantage.

Macor lenses: 60 f2.8 Samsung 60 F2.0 Tamron and 45 m F2.8 Leica

Here, all these would get in the same FL but the Panny lens is one stop less when it comes to DOF. Not a problem for macrolenses in general....I could not find the 60 mm f2.8 Oly in, but that lens weighs even less AND is weathersealed (compared to the Leica).

Now the Oly lens would weigh 185 gram, the LEica here weighs 225 gram and the Samsung is 450 gram. I believe the Tamron was 390 gram....But it does not have a stabilser. Aalos: accoring to the reviews I saw the Leica lens was much better than the Samsung, which was slightly behind the Olympus.

Again: the Samsung does not set iself apart compared to the D5300 with the Tamron macro. And it is quite a bit heavier and larger than the Leica 45 mm here. The price of the Tamron is the lowest at 390 euro/dollar, the Samsung is very reasonably priced at about 430 euro/dollar. The Oly costs 530 euro/dollars and the Leica is the most expensive. I think it is near 650 dollar?
So with the Leica you pay for better performance but undoubtetly also for the name.

My conclusion is: unless he NX30 and the 16-50 f2-f2.8 perform specaculairly and prices are really low, the NX30 and the current lens line up is not going to do it for Samsung. With these size and weight, why would any DSLR user sell off their equipment? m43s and certainly also the A7 and A7R seem a much more viable alternative. They set themselves much more apart I think.

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