The Full Frame Myth

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Re: The Full Frame Myth

Great! Another one of those "I don't need the latest and greatest, because what I've got is plenty." Good! That's great for you. But the fact is your gear is outdated, so people move on from it.

If you are arguing the benefit of APS-C over FF, then you won't even understand the benefit of APS-C over u4/3. Might as well compare A7 vs RX 100 because you "rarely print above 20" x 16."

In 10 years, where there's 80K resolution monitor and 500MP cellphone, I would really love to see you come back to dpreview and post that you are glad you kept your fossil Nex 5n and 7 because you "rarely print above 20" x 16."

I sold my NEX 5N and all the none FE E-mount lens and never looked back. It was a great camera for it's time and I love shooting with it. So was Pentium II when it came out. But their time is over.

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