D7100 crop - what is it?

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no change

jimoyer wrote:

But that's where you're thinking wrong. If your subject is the same size to be properly framed in each image, it will exceed the available area on the cropped frame image.

No because the framing has not changed...only that a grid is drawn around the subject in one and not the other.  Here one framed using 1.3x crop mode and the other framed for cropping in post using normal DX mode

To completely fill your image frame,, the subject will need to be larger in DX mode and smaller in 1.3x mode to produce an equivalent size in the final product.

That is the misunderstanding...we are not talking about filling the two different frames...we are saying you don't really need the 1.3x mode grid to do the same thing so no real advantage

You're thinking this through as if your subject size is going to be equal because you can just crop it in post which is certainly viable,


but less than optimal when you're shooting 1000+ frames at a time during a professional sports game for example.

Not really as you don't need the frame...you can use the Framing grid, a sharpie, or just TLAR which is just as effective as you get used to it and gives the option of un-cropping.

The more you can accomplish in camera, the less you have to spend hours upon hours doing in post.

You can batch crop all 1000 pics in post while having a cup of tea...and save any that might need to be cropped less. 1.3x crop mode doesn't let you save a pic in that way...you're committed.

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