What lens/lenses would you buy to accompany your Nikon D1500 and why would you choose it?

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What lens/lenses would you buy to accompany your Nikon D1500 and why would you choose it?

After days of indecision I've decided I'll be buying the Nikon D5100. Now my only issue is what lens/lenses to go for. I think it will be best to give you an idea of what types of photographs I intend to take and information about the type of environment and space I'll be working in as well as the type of video footage I intend to shoot. I'll throw in a few example photos to show you what my expectations are in regards to the full potential of the camera and lens/lenses.


I'm going to be taking a mixture of headshots, head and shoulder shots, head to waist shots, the occasional full body shots and photos with family. But my photos will mainly be above the waist. Also 90% of these photos will be of myself, in other words they'll be self portraits.

I will be taking a lot of gym progress photos to track my weight gain (suffered muscle atrophy due to injury). Most of my photos will go into online albums on facebook, flickr, instagram etc. They won't be blown up for now, I'm still a beginner and want to use myself as a guinea pig to learn. It will also be nice to be able to take photos of nice places I travel to.

Most of these photos will be shot in the home gym (12 x 12 feet) and in a small room (furthest walls at 9 x 8.8 feet). I don't plan on doing any self portraits outside the house at the moment.


I will shoot gym sessions from different angles. We have a summer house we have converted into a mini home gym and the space I'm working with is about 12 x 12 feet as mentioned above.

Additional Accessories

I'll be buying a cheap tripod for under £20 via ebay, not sure if theres anything else I'll need. I'm guessing the camera will come with a carry case.

The Needs

I want a lens in my budget that has the potential to produce the most sharpest possible realistic images. Check the photos attached and you'll see what I'm aiming for. Also background blur would be great.

Additional Info

Originally I wanted to go for the 135mm lens but they're costly and I've been told by many this will be too long for the space I want to shoot in. I then looked at Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G Lens and seen it for £419. I could push my budget but again various people have said it will be too much for the space I'm shooting in.

I decided to call Jessops on Tottenham Court Road in London and a 35mm lens was recommended. I do know I definitely want a prime lens but then again the flexibility of using a zoom lens would come in very handy. I'm just obsessed with clarity, whether it's clarity in music, clarity when I'm writing code or taking photographs, I just demand quality.

Quality I'm Aiming For


I've come to the conclusion that I may need to buy 2 lenses. I was thinking I could go for this deal http://www.jessops.com/online.store/categories/products/nikon/d5100-digital-slr-camera-18-55mm-vr-lens-80903/show.html which comes with a 18-55mm VR Lens. Then purchase either a 35mm prime lens which I'm not liking the idea of or going for a 50mm prime lens to accompany the 18.55mm VR lens.

I don't want to go overboard with my lens selection then not be able to produce great photos and I don't want to aim too low and get something that just isn't good enough. I'm not a photographer but I seem to be able to notice the tiniest of details in various compared photographs. On top of this the motivation to learn is there. Being a programmer I'm patient, good at problem solving and willing to put in the work to learn this craft.

I've often been told I'd make a great photographer because of my attention to detail and to be honest lately I've been intrigued by how much there is to photography. It's like a whole new world that's not just about picking up a camera and pressing a button. It's a complex art and this is part of the reason I decided to take it up as a hobby. The other reason is because I often find myself saying "I wish I got this on camera". Well no more.

It seems I need balance. I need all my equipment to work like a successful marriage. I understand I could spend £1000 on a lens that wouldn't work well with the environment I'll be working in. So it's about weighing my options and making a good decision.

The Question

Taking all the information I've provided, if you were me and had a £700 budget what lens/lenses would you buy to accompany your Nikon D1500 and why would you choose it/them?

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