Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: STOP PLEASE.. why this reaction in such fashion?

dlkeller wrote:

Thank you for this response, it is very well put. Currently I don't plan on changing, just frustrated with Sony's lack of support for their A-mount which I am invested. As you have stated very well, the NEX bodies with adaptor are just not an answer for me.

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And this is again an area where I don't see a lack of support, just a reasonable break from the noise of upgrade milking releases.  Canon is turning out bodies every few months to drive the upgrade $$$ but the 70D IQ wise is a wash.. and a touch screen is not going to make for better pictures

Sony has a solid set of cameras.

Now they have done a HEAVY holiday A7R push.. so I can see where the sibling envy kicks in.

But further down I posted a comparison of the 5DMKIII and A99   The Sony is the better camera in almost all measures..

And its the ONLY SLR format system with IBIS that has FF support that is being actively marketed and updated.

Sony sells less DSLRs than Canon or Nikon.  This means it takes longer to recover the fixed cost of R&D and production start up and even launch marketing.  It also means there are costs savings from larger production runs they don't get.

They on the other hand outsell everyone but Olympus on the Mirrorless line.  This gives them the same advantage Canon has in DSLRs to update more often etc.  And since it is Sony CAMERA division.. what is good for Mirrorless also benefits us.. as it has made the division profitable from what I have read.. thus makes the entire line stronger.

And with the unified branding all the effort in what call awareness or mindshare marketing of Alpha as a vital innovative camera brand is no longer diluted between NEX and Alpha .. that also helps us A-mount users.

Sony Camera's health depends on a vibrant mirrorless lead being kept while Nikon and Canon trail..

In health they can afford to do more DSLR format designs.

they are not perfect and I posted my own set of complaints about the weak retail marketing of the SLTs so this is not Rose colored glasses .. this comes from marketing background and the realities of Sony coming out of issues like both the Economy of the last 5 years and the Tsunami.. etc.

I think that probably meant they need to chase the cash a bit more this year.. and cash is in on e-mount as that segment is hot.

But I have seen enough in interviews etc in the last few weeks to know ... they have a plan for a-mount.

IF you are happy with the system but just fear its future.. my guess and recent personal bet in real $$ is it will be fine.

There are three threads today about how great Sony service is on the SLTs .. that is an important indicator of the value of the line.  You don't sink money into doing partially free out of warranty repairs and overnight shipping of loaner A99s if you are not planning in making that back with sales.. Support cost cutting above the printed warranty is the first place one cuts when trimming back a product line.. because it has no long term return value. You only spend here to grow loyalty as part of growing the a-mount line.

I can speak about this because Microsoft in the 1990s when WordPerfect was king I was in the support group for WORD MS.. put a lot of work in Support Quality (and the WP to word converter) as a strategic move to over come the dominant Word Perfect brand.. 20 years later who uses Word Perfect?  Enhanced Support is a foundational strategy for Growing and competing / not cutting back.. and saving money.

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