Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Look at this from the bottom [line] up...

jkoch2 wrote:

jalywol wrote:

In some ways, the smartphone camera may actually prove a blessing in disguise for the enthusiast market....It may very well weed out the lower-end enthusiast cameras,

but it will for sure open up the higher end camera market to smartphone users who discover that they really are interested in photography and they can't do what they want to do with the smartphones....

Like presuming that readers of People or Examiner will evolve into enthusiasts of Milton or Leibnitz. Or to imagine that eaters if McFish sandwiches will morph into trout fly-tyers. If it ever happened, it would be for the wrong reasons, or entail monstrous results.

Oh come on now. You are exhibiting some terrible snobbery here.

NOBODY was born with an enthusiast's camera in their hand. I would venture to guess that just about everyone who uses a higher end camera started with a snapshot cam first. Sure, most people never went further, but a proportion did and do.

The same thing will happen with smartphones. Those who are satisfied with what they can get from the smartphone output will continue to use them, but the offshoot who are not will look further. Those are the people who will drive the market.

If you want to be really presumptuous, you could even say that since MORE people are using basic smartphone cameras than ever before, an even larger percentage will want to get into enthusiast cameras than ever before, so the market should at least remain stable, even if it does not grow.

Now if only the news media would approach their coverage with this in mind, we would not have these remarkably lopsided articles about the demise of the photo industry....

Unless cameras are a profitable business, they will revert to a rich man's fancy, sort of like yachts, antique ornaments, coveted "masters" canvasses, or private planes: if you shuddle at the cost, or even ask about price, you can't afford them.

I don't think you quite have the scale right here.....

It is not mere "noise" or impertinent banter that P&S sales are a disaster, DSLR sales flat, and mirrorless market shares in decline. Smart phones are simultaneously the elephant, 800 lbs gorilla, and T-rex in the room. The global camera industry is a wee appendix, as risk of relegation to "sunset" status, except as a pricey retro niche.

Enthusiast photographic equipment has never really been much more than a niche's just because of the advent of digital technology and the reduction in price with the increase in quality and availability that the photo market grew like it did in the past 10 or so years. As the products and market matures, it is bound to contract back to being on a stable, rather than growing, sales track. I think you are far too gloomy about it.


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