Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

!. Yes I use my smartphone sometimes. The screen is very hard to see outdoors in the sun. I use it for travel and various occasional activities. The lack of an evf is a big limitation for me as well as optical zooming. I also chronicle with a P&S. with a nice zoom and low light stacking. Other serious cameras sometimes come along for serious hobby shooting.

2  I don't really care what happens to the industry. There will be useful electronics of some sort.

3 The camera is eventually history. It is a matter of time before the sensor and the processing power allow us to capture videos and stills with tiny sensors in our sun glass frames or whatever. It will capture very decent images and process them and send them somewhere like the cloud for later use. The DR and the focus will equal the human eye or better. All sorts of sensors and computer chips will be everywhere doing things like that. The Google glass can probably do a lot already. It responds to eye blinks to take pictures and who knows what else. The timing will probably be MUCH FASTER than we can imagine. This can happen within the decade.

4. Very sophisticated pro type cameras with a hundred setting in and on it will not be needed very much. They are like the old room filling computers of 50 years ago. The computer chip and a high res screen, on line, will take, share and view very decent images and this fulfills most of our needs. The process is well underway. Already we can view many thousands of images of everything imaginable on flikr etc and it will get easier and faster.

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