Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

Rservello wrote:

I never once implied that I know everything (or anything for that matter) better than anyone.

Actually, that was EXACTLY what you did in a number of posts in this thread. Snobbish talk about how others should do to learn more about photography, claiming that the only way one can learn is by manual shooting, guessing everything and how right you are.

I decided to show some of my shots.

You have a link in your signature. I suppose it is there for everyone to see, if you don't want to show the images remove the link.

Yes there are imperfections...all of which I am aware of...some of which I think improve the overall shot.

That was NOT what my comment was about, apparently you don't understand why I commented your images, but that's fine.

As for shooting shallow being amateur and incorrect.

Well no, I KNOW that I am correct on this... but "shallow" DOF is relative, and that's not what makes it amateurish. Shallow DOF is not a science, anyone can do it with a fast lens. The difficulty is to use the RIGHT depth of field. As a matter of fact, I had no idea that you shot mostly wide open when I typed those words. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings about it.

Well, there is no such thing as a right way to shoot.

I think I said that from the start, didn't I? I was not the one telling others to shoot all manual mode, was I? I was not condemning those who use any auto mode. Yes, there is no right or wrong way to shoot. What's right for you is right for you, I never said you should or should not shoot manual or whatever you like.

As for amateur...well I don't get paid to you are correct. You don't like that style...that's fine. I wasn't judging you...I just have nothing to go by since I can't see any of your shots to back up your POV.

You are too sensitive and defensive. Once again, I have nothing to prove. What should I prove? That I use auto modes? Of course I do. I never claimed anything else. I am an amateur as well, don't worry, I make no secret about that either. I make my living out of something totally different, not related to photography.I don't know what shots you want to see and what you are imagining about my POV, but it seems obvious that you did not understand me in this discussion. As for images in general, here are a few from one year's contribution but only in small size. I participated in the challenges of this forum, was once very active in contributing images for about three years and this 48 is is from my last year of participation. I removed the images, just have some screen captures saved for occasions like these. I can warmly recommend you to participate, it is really challenging if you find photography interesting.

48 images from 48 challenges. Feel free to comment if you feel like, but like I said, there is nothing I have to proof and I don't know which POV you think I have.

I have been using SLRs and DSLRs since 1970, have developed film, both B&W and color, negatives and slides and also had my own darkroom to do my own prints. I used a number of full manual cameras but I am glad those days are over and would NEVER claim that you can only learn if you go through the same process because it has NOTHING at all to do with photography how emulsions work and how you develop films or enlarge images from films. That's all chemistry, pure engineering. Photography is something different. The chemical part was necessary to know before but not any more, unless you are interested in shooting film. Knowing something about the history of photography is good if you are interested but not necessary, it does not make you a better photographer. Digital is here to stay and film is just history.

I am sorry if you feel insulted by me. I have nothing more to say regarding this subject. If something is not clear, please read my post once again.

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