Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

havoc315 wrote:

Call me a cynic, but IMO Sony's pricing strategies for these cameras have nothing to do with their respective capabilities, and everything to do with the Sony CEO's perception of a captive market for the A99 vs the conquest sales potential for the A7.

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Exactly. Sony is actively trying to mass market the A7/7r. They are looking to attract CaNikon users. So they competitively priced the camera.

The a99 is vastly overpriced. It's aimed primarily at existing a-mount users, with Sony basically saying, "this is your only option unless you want to change systems... But it's still cheaper than changing systems."

On the used market, the a99 is $1700-1800. A much closer reflection to the true consumer driven price.

This is part of the problem with some Sony users.. I think some of them got into Minolta because of price and its not a discount brand anymore. and they have unrealistic expectations.  That just on the facts of it don't make sense.


  • Canon 5D MK III vs A99
  • $2900 Ebay dealer new to $3200      $2000 Gray Mkt > to $2800 (with Grip and Flash all December)
  • 22 MP > 25 MP (draw)
  • 30 FPS Video > 60 FPS Video !!
  • Full time PD AF during video NO  > Yes
  • DXO mark 81 > 89 !!
  • Dynamic Range 11.7 > 14!!!
  • DXO ISO 2293 > 1550 ---(that just 1/2 stop)
  • IBIS NO  > YES !!!
  • Articulated LCD No > Yes  [Really Canon?]
  • LCD Resolution   1MP > 1.2MP
  • GPS NO > GPS Yes
  • VF Diopter  -3 to +1  > -4 to +3  [Just a nice little detail for shooters who don't wear contacts]

So really a camera that is superior in feature set and on all photographic measures except 1/2 stop of ISO noise should sell for half of what Canon regular gets for a 5D MKIII. And Canon will sell more so the per unit cost to make them is less.

In general if you do a rational look The Canon should be LESS than the A99 not more.

Your stand is not supportable.. when we get past the "I am a victim of Sony emotion" and start to look at the facts.

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