Help!... thinking of upgrading to FX but have DX lenses

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Re: Help!... thinking of upgrading to FX but have DX lenses

mathi_vadhanan wrote:

I recently upgraded from D7000 -> D600 (returned) -> D800. The 35MM is perfectly usable in FX mode in f2.8 - f8.0 range. I still use it on the D800 and adapt it for NEX-6. I really like the 35mm FL on FX than 50mm.

I would also keep the d90, 18-105mm combo. You will probably only get couple of hundred bucks for that. You might as well keep it as a back up body for shooting time lapses. Get the body only D600 for now, if you're on a tight budget.

There are a plenty of 24-85mm VR for eBay for $250, thanks to people selling it off from their D600/D610 kit.

I would like to second the notion of using the 35mm DX lens in FX mode. You can even use it wide open, people just assume you added some instagram effect to the image. I prefer 35mm over 50mm as well, and I will be in line to get the FX 35mm 1.8 when it's available. Until then I will continue to use the DX lens in FX mode on my D600.

If you have budget restrictions there are tons of standard zooms on the second hand market that are on par with the 18-105 DX lens, though most won't have the same reach on the long end.

Any particular reason you are thinking of switching to FX?

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