RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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Re: I think that there is a quality control issue here

lancespring wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

That is very interesting - thanks for drawing it to my attention. I will pass this on to my Sony salesman.

Sorry to hear you are in the same predicament as me - but it's just as well you checked it out rather than just accepting it is normal for the RX10.

Would you say your unit sounds as bad as mine, based on the sample I provided?

The link you provided and your own experience suggests there may be a more widespread problem than just my faulty unit. Please keep this thread updated with any feedback you get from Sony - I'll of course do likewise.

Yes, it is indeed good that you brought this subject up, as I had not really taken a close look at the audio performance on my own camera. I did not realize just how awful it was, until I did a recording in a quiet room. I had looked at a lot of RX10 videos posted online, though, and noticed that they appeared to have acceptable audio.

I also own two camcorders: a Panasonic and a Canon, as well as a Panasonic GH3 that I have shot video with. And none of them are remotely like what I am experiencing with the RX10.

The performance is just too substandard from my other cameras, for me to consider it to be acceptable.

I received my replacement RX10 yesterday and immediately did another audio test but unfortunately experienced similar problems. By this stage I just wanted to return it for a refund and I'm relieved to say the Sony store have done this for me.

Maybe I should have hung in there with the RX10 to get to the bottom of this but I've got better things to do with my time than being a tester for Sony. The RX10 is a stretch for my budget and I really didn't want to be stuck with a device that had such poor audio performance. If there are some early production issues I'll wait until they are sorted out and may have another look at it down the track.

I'm very happy with the service I got form the local Sony store though. We don't have the generous return policies here in New Zealand that you do in the USA so I'm very relieved that they let me return it. They've said they have passed all the information that I have provided to them (from myself and this thread) onto their techs, so hopefully they will be looking into the issue.

By the way, the Sony salesman said that he did check the serial number of my original faulty unit against yours and they were completely different, so it doesn't seem like we are just talking about a faulty batch.

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