Please educate me on stop down metering.

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Re: Please educate me on stop down metering.

I use a Schneider lens that requires manual aperture control.  Sometimes I use manual exposure and sometimes I use aperture priority metering.  So my process is:

1. Open the lens aperture fully.  The lens I use has a separate control for this.

2. Focus

3. Set the desired aperture for the shot.

4. Set the shutter speed if using manual mode.

5. Take the picture.

6. Check the histogram and adjust.  For manual mode, I set the shutter speed.  For aperture priority, I set the exposure compensation.

The Schneider I use allows you to pick an aperture to shoot with one ring, and then move between the maximum aperture and the aperture you've chosen by rotating another ring, which is handy.

It's not that hard, although I sometimes forget to set the aperture properly.  Sigh!  In aperture priority mode, I just lose depth of field.  For manual exposure, oh, sigh.

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