Top Ten for 2013 with a Fuji camera

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Top Ten for 2013 with a Fuji camera

There are Top Tens of all sorts of things – cars, restaurants, movies, etc. Given that there are some extremely talented photographers here, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to pick out what each of us considers his/her 10 best photos taken with a Fuji camera in 2013. A description of the subject and its context would add a lot of interest as well.

I found it very difficult to pick put my "best" photos. To avoid offending anyone's sensibilities, I also limited myself to non-hunting photos and upland bird hunting is my primary photographic subject. So, I’m not at all sure the images posted below are actually my “best”. With those two caveats and in no particular order, here are my Top Ten.

This is the feed store in the little town that is the closest civilization to where we live. Going there is a kind of social event because you see the “neighbors”. Also, the dogs are treated like celebrities there and always get treats. I think the fact that they are pretty good at chasing away the ever-present pigeons has something to do with their popularity among the feed store people.

I closed off a small hollow with a spring on my place and this created a pond. By late summer, it is so covered with green algae from the low water flow that it looks like you could walk on it (you can’t!). Wood ducks really like the place and I put up a few duck houses to help them with nesting.

It’s common practice on PA Dutch farms to keep a few “decorative” birds – peacocks are popular. Some of the ancient farms belonging to extended family down in the valley below where we live have ponds, so they keep swans instead of peacocks. Those are loud, nasty, dirty and useless critters just like peacocks, but I must admit they can look good.

Sheep are also ornery animals – they will usually do just the opposite of what you want them to do. However, they are useful and I think sheep look cool, too. They graze in a pasture that still has the foundation of an 18th Century settler's cabin. Believe it or not, it took quite a while to get one to “pose” on the ruins and to have others arranged in a good composition.

Old graveyards like this are common from back in the days where people didn’t travel far from their farms for any purpose. Unfortunately, most of the farm graveyards have been simply (and illegally) plowed under by modern farmers trying to make a living. The surviving ones are just out in the middle of fields and disappear entirely from view when the crops are planted. The tombstones are generally in German. This one contains a few ancestors, including a Revolutionary War veteran.

There are a couple small mountain lakes not far from where we live. In an effort to stay in good enough physical condition to do what we love (upland hunting), the dogs and I take a good run up in the mountain each day we are not actually hunting and getting our exercise that way. This is the prettiest of the mountain lakes and is one of our favorite destinations on our runs. I have taken about 10 zillion photos at this lake. This day, it was dead still and the mountain was still embraced by low clouds. I liked the peaceful simplicity that gave to this image.

My two companions – Maggie in the background, age 15; and Chase in the foreground, age 10. This was the first snow of the year and we were all excited to take a run on the mountain in the new snow.

There is a lonely 1920 one-room schoolhouse amidst massive pines down in the deep mountain valley where the trout stream runs around "my" mountain. I liked the look of the new snow.

This is Maggie on one of the many trails on my land. This trail leads to a little high meadow and the cold winter sun was shining on the meadow with some light leaking through on to the trail. I really like the yellow mid-winter skies.

This is Chase at the mountain lake described above in early fall. He had just come out of the woods and into the open area by the lake and was looking all around. Not exactly sure why I like this pic, but I do.

That’s my Top Ten for 2013. C&C most welcome.

I’m very anxious to see your images!


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