Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

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Re: Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

If you are using a 5 MP scanner, then even an old cheap digital camera will give you much better results than what you are getting with film.

The most common mode of failure for a digital camera is shutter failure, and cameras are rated in terms of shutter lifetime — which might be 75,000 activations for a consumer DSLR or 400,000 activations for a pro camera. You might be able to pick up an old used pro body for little cost. I got a used Nikon D200, with a pristine body and only 5,000 shutter activations for a bit over US$200. While this is hardly a state-of-the-art digital camera, it is rather rugged, and it does take very nice pictures. My current camera is a D7000, which is also fairly rugged and reasonably priced, if not the latest and greatest, it is a fine camera.

About this... I've used all of my cameras past their rated shutter activations and all are still working fine. All of them have been handed over to family members and are still being used, so one can definitely get 10 years out of a digital camera. Even my old Pentax K10D with the same sensor as the Nikon D200, a sensor that was never known for good low-light performances, does better than 35mm film at any ISO setting with little effort. I think current cameras could meet someone's needs for the next 10 years much more easily.

The only pro I know who shoots film does so with a medium format camera for fine art shots.

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