Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

Bing Chow wrote:

I think we define photography a little differently. Half the people say my photography is better because of technical reasons. But I choose to define it from an artistic point of view. So no, my photography has not improved significantly. I have pretty decent gear and I know that buying more stuff won't make my images more compelling. To that end, I devote 2014 to reading more about composition, post-processing, but most importantly, getting out and shooting stuff. Get out of my comfort zone and go shoot a hockey game for instance. Or walk about downtown with a prime and practice seeing common thing from an uncommon perspective. I'm think doing that will pay much larger rewards that simply throwing cash at Nikon.

This is the right idea and what ultimately will make you and your photos better.  I think many of the people that say their photography is better because of technical upgrades are not being honest with themselves.

Going from a D7000 to a D800 isn't going to buy you very much IMO if you're taking weak photos with the former.

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