Help!... thinking of upgrading to FX but have DX lenses

Started Jan 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Don't forget the DX factor...

user_name wrote:

If you are using a 35mm on a DX, the equivalent focal length on FF is 52.5mm

The 35mm is 52.5mm equivalent on DX, not on FX. On FX it is 35mm.

The 50mm lens equates to 75mm on FF.

The 50mm lens is equivalent to 75mm on DX, not on FF.

You can keep the 50mm lens as that is an excellent FF lens, but the others will not work in FF mode.

Note, even the D600 in DX mode yields 18mp effectively, so you will still have an improvement in performance over the D90, even in DX mode.

No, it is only 10MP in DX mode, not 18.

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