Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

The A99 is a far more complex and capable camera. I get the feeling you have never used a more advanced camera so you don't appreciate the way faster AF along with multiple AF modes, multiple customizable buttons, and the many capabilities the A99 has over the A7 allow you take photographs in situations the A7 cannot cope with at all. The very slight high iso advantage of the A7 really isn't worth much compared to those other advantages since you have to view at 100% to see them. In addition to that in those same low light situations the A7 AF is even worse. If all you want to do is take pictures of stationary or slow moving subjects the A7 is ok but beyond that no.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels
Miss use of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography because it causes people to fret over inconsequential issues.

Yes I have used neither which is why I posted this question I am also not a prof photographer.

I actually shoot with an A500 and after 4 years want to upgrade my camera to a faster one, better low light etc. Upon suggestions got the A77 but was disappointed with the indoor performance, sky shots and ISO 400+ performance. So A99 looked like an easy upgrade but I was wondering if it's really worth the extra 800 to USD premium it's selling at compared to A7/r. For me image quality is most important in a camera and it looks like the A7 or A7r are selling so much cheaper than A99 have great do mark scores.

You mentioned A99 user settings and AF. Can you elaborate how it's better? A99 has AF-D with selected lenses and AF points are crowded in the center. A7 and A7r have more AF points I think.

The only thing I hate is the new mount so added adapter cost

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