Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Barry Stewart
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grantham wrote:

Your's is probably the best post in this thread, all the nitpicking by all the Gearheads, does not make any difference at all,ever since I bought my G1 I have wondered how long Panny would last in the Camera biz without a visual presence in the retail stores, except for a few low end P&S cameras,in my town ,abt 60k I have only met 1 person using a M43 Camera, it seems clear that most people simply are not aware of M43 or simply don't care either way, there is no indication that m43 is going to be a force to be reckoned with, hope I'm wrong, time will tell.

Ken, I was also impressed by Reg's response. To a large extent, we at DPR forums don't wag the dog.

BUT: we can be the seeds of change, if we care to. We show our families and friends the gear we've downsized (or upsized) to and the results we get and they have reason to pause and consider. Some of the seeds will fall on fertile ground. Others will get washed away by the tide.

BTW, if you live in my town (Chilliwack), that would make 3 m4/3 users!

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