Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Spoken like "grandpa"

Lab D wrote:

I remember when old people and the occasional young person claimed phones with touchscreens would never catch on because they didn't have the tactile feel and response of real buttons. Then they said smartphones and tablets would quickly die unless they came with a real keyboard of some kind.

Now I read these same people saying they need an OVF and lots of buttons on their cameras and that touch shutters (selecting a focal point and activiating the sutter with one touch) and EVF will never catch on.

Things never change.

Hey, I resemble that… partly.

We didn't "need" anything at Christmas 2012, so my wife convinced 'us' that we needed an iPad. I enjoyed flying around our area with the 3-d map for a few hours, then I went back to my desktop computer. It maybe has 30 hours of use, after a year. My desktop: over 1,000 (maybe 2?).

I admit, it is handy for traveling — but I absolutely hate the keyboard on the thing. Not so much the lack of tactile keys… more the having to switch layers to get at the numbers and extra characters.

As a teacher, I use them for the learning apps — but give me a full computer for regular work.

On the other hand, I love the touchscreen on my E-PL5.

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