Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

olyflyer wrote:

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olyflyer wrote:

Rservello wrote:

"None of your examples actually demonstrates ANY reason not to use any auto modes. Fact is, I don't think you shoot like you talk... Sorry."


It seems like I hit the nail on the head and that hurts. I also checked you flickr link now and it looks like you are using a lot of auto mode and never want more DOF, only less. All you images are taken wide open (or near) with the 50/1.4G and it looks like you are only using AWB, which is why the yellow color cast in your images, so typical for Nikon.

In other words, your arguments for the manual mode was a bit lame and indeed snobbish, you are not really doing what you are preaching. You are also a bit too young to have ever needed to use film or a slide rule. In fact, I don't think you ever did any of that.

Oh, and yes, I prefer shallow depth in portraits. Sorry. That's my POV. Because you don't feel the same doesn't make you more correct.

Well, you certainly gave the impression that you would prefer more DOF, not less. Perhaps typing with less speed and more clarity would be better to avoid misunderstandings. You were also the one asking if 1/60s and f/5.8 is optimal or not for portraits, and in my opinion it is, because with f/1.4 the nose tip may be blurred and one eye in focus, which is pretty boring and amateurish. Many people use the aperture to blur the back ground, which is wrong. The aperture is used to control the DOF around the main focus area, the subject, not to blur the background and correct composition errors. If the background is disturbing shoot somewhere else or change the background. That's the way I learned in the "old school", the real old school, a long time ago before you were born. Of course, that must not be right and is definitely not the only way, if you prefer something else that's fine for me.

I would look at some of your shots to make reviews...but it seems the only thing I can find is what you post here...which seems to be nothing but tech demos to prove yourself right in discussions.

No, you are missing the point. I made no review of your photos, but since you claimed (at least gave the impression of) that you are know everything better, I looked at the images and noticed some imperfections, which does not reflect the way you talked. It seems that you live according to some kind of sand pit principle of "an eye for an eye" so now you want some sweet revenge an mutilate my images. Well, I am sorry, I don't have to proof anything, I made no claims about my way being the only way. For me this is not some kind of childish competition, it is just a discussion forum, that's all. I am sorry if you can't accept that.

I never once implied that I know everything (or anything for that matter) better than anyone.  I decided to show some of my shots.  Yes there are imperfections...all of which I am aware of...some of which I think improve the overall shot.  As for shooting shallow being amateur and incorrect.  Well, there is no such thing as a right way to shoot.  As for amateur...well I don't get paid to you are correct.  You don't like that style...that's fine.  I wasn't judging you...I just have nothing to go by since I can't see any of your shots to back up your POV.

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