Did all Professionals moved to Digital yet?

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Mark Scott Abeln
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Yes. However, film is now a significant fine arts medium.

Newkidhere wrote:

Or should I go ahead with Minolta Maxxium 9 and wait a few more years where digital technology is near equal to Film and affordable. My skill is around 1 in this area and if you can answer me with links and stuff so that I can read and understand what you are saying, I would learn and take your opinions, research and take a decision..

If you are shooting 35 mm format, I think digital is where it is at, even more so if you are shooting smaller formats. Because of the increasing difficulty of doing things with film, I see that as being far less practical — but therein lies the value of film.

One place were film is still strong is in curated fine art galleries. Serious art collectors — from what I've seen — value photographs that have a significant hand-made component to them. They tend to prefer images from things like pinhole cameras or 19th century lenses, coupled with antique printing processes like platinum, gold, or cyanotype, perhaps on hand-made paper or on hand-polished, rough-cut metal plates, with obvious image manipulation in the darkroom. The final image is definitely hand-made and one-of-a-kind, and the photography itself is only a small part of it.

Modern digital prints are popular with corporate art buyers and interior decorators, but these images tend to be used as generic ornaments rather than works of art in themselves.

So my opinion is that film is quite useful these days as a fine arts medium, but not so much if you are just making ordinary straight prints of the kind that digital can make.

However, be aware that most digital cameras will deliver the same fully-saturated colors due to their use of the industry-standard sRGB color space, so digital images will have a certain sameness to them, unlike the various kinds of color film which have many different responses to color. However, many advanced photographers will do extensive computer work to get a different color palette, and I think this can be a good technique.

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