Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

D800 made me a better photographer.

But then again, I knew it would challenge me, and that buying it just to press the shutter in auto mode would not yield satisfying results. The D800 is lovely because the amount of pixels often are better at showing what is wrong with the picture then my 10mp d80 was. 'is it handshake? Is it subject movement? is it focused properly?' These things are harder to achieve on D800, but easier to know when you are wrong. Basically (for me), the D800 teaches me 'sorry mate your technique this time was poorly, try better next time'. The high pixel count is demanding, and if you strive to make your images pixel per pixel sharp, you can get very nice results. I dropped JPG completely and stepped up to RAW. And here the D800 really rewards you. The amount of dynamic range etc is just amazing, and a joy to work with. It encourages you to take more pictures, try more things. And other stuff like easy access to so many thing on a professional body (never had that yet), feels even more rewarding. I basically exhausted all the menu options on my D80, it was a perfect camera to step into photography. But once, you start taking thing really seriously, you also realize that it's sometimes subpar, and what you really want.

I also like how much (interesting) forum discussions the D800 brings along. Like using AF-on button, or how to pull most dynamic range from a picture, etc. It's a hard to master camera, but joy to use, and satisfaction to see the end results, kind of camera, and it brings the best out of the most of us. (in my opinion).

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