Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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A lot of 'financial reporting' I've read that's on a subject I know something about is equally skewed. This clown isn't the only person doing this sort of thing, and I'd wager no small amount of money he's doing a 'pump and dump' on a bunch of Sony stock that he's holding. This is the news source for people managing my retirement funds? Cash under the mattress is starting to look like a viable alternative. Seriously, if an amateur like me can blow holes in that story that easily, why does rubbish like this keep getting published?

Love the paragraph on the Sony QX - he hints that it's wildly successful because it 'outsold production', but then the Sony rep says they had no hard sales expectations for the QX. Translation: It sold better than nothing. In truth, the QX hasn't been a strong seller. It takes the worst part of a cell phone cam, the lousy ergonomics, and adds the worst part of a P&S as compared to a cell phone cam: something extra to carry.

I'm not ragging on Sony, they're having a tough time like everyone else, and they are at least trying to push the camera field forward with the A7, even if it does appear to have been rushed to market before it was finished.

It's the obviously manipulative stories like this that have me treating any eyebrow raising 'reporting' with the question - what has this person left out? What is their real agenda? And the frequency with which stories like this are published and palmed off as real journalism.

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