Help!... thinking of upgrading to FX but have DX lenses

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Re: Help!... thinking of upgrading to FX but have DX lenses

I went from D80 to D800 (slightly bigger step then you, but more similar then the Pixel numbers may seem, d80-d90 are pretty close in image quality as are d600 and d800 apart from pixel amount). It's an eye opener definitely. Especially if you shoot RAW. But even Jpeg is amazing.

I use 24-120mm F4 VR (highly recommended as standard lens, a bit heavy maybe if you are not used to FX, so test it first, 24-85 VR if you want less weight).

50mm F1.8G and 85mm F1.8 are highly recommended for starting FX user. Very good price/quality rate. You already have the first

I just got the Sigma 35mm F1.4 35mm. So far really impressed, but still testing it yet. Might need a bit focus callibration (finetuning) for far distance. This seems like a nice buy (especially reading reviews), but you might hold off a little and just focus on standard lens first. 24-85 (or 24-120mm) + 50mm for lowlight stuff or when you want the best sharpness), will be amazing combo to start with. Then just look wich mm you use most often and buy lenses accordingly. The 85mm I mentioned is however incredible cheap for what you get, so it should be a no brainer (when you have the money later on). Any other lens must be considered carefully as the choice, not a simple 'take that lens and it will fit you perfectly'. Both weight, price, and other parameters vary a lot more for both wide angle and tele (70mm+ zooms or primes). Don't rush purchases on these. Unless you of course know 'this is it, i know i need more tele because - for instance - i love racing and i want to track these cars with my camera and take pictures from them.

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