Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Unused smartphones for photos!

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Just got back from visiting my family in PA., it's been 5 years since I was last up and my nieces and nephews were in college back then. They are all out in the workplace now and I was surprised to see that all of them had smartphones but none were using them to take photos. When photo opportunities presented themselves each one would pull out a compact camera and not cheap compact's but sophisticated compacts. They were using Samsung, Nikon, and Sony cameras. In speaking with each one I learned that they sometimes used their smartphones for snapshots but if they knew there would be photos opps' they always carried a compact, good image quality camera with them for important photos. So young people are sophisticated enough to know a quality image is more likely with a device designed to take quality photos than an add on app on a device designed to make phone calls. Just my 2 cents in the future of photographic tools.

My experience is opposite. I have four college-graduate daughters, married with a total of five grands. Nobody in the fourteen of them uses a camera any more; even the grands have portable devices to take photos and videos. Of course when they want a high quality photo or video, they call on me; perhaps this explains why?

Two opposite family's, you and I had different impacts on our growing families. Maybe you were more easily available for the quality photos they wanted and I obviously was not. Visiting every few years I didn't have much time to make a strong impression. This last trip was 5 years since my previous visit, an exceptionally long time between my Holiday treks. I have a cousin here in Alabama who is also an amateur photographer for his family and they, like your family, rely on him for all their "important" photos. Of course my post are just anecdotal evidence of our changing photo world. Maybe my family is the exception and your's is the rule?

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