D7100 crop - what is it?

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Re: I never compared my two cameras directly

Tbolt47 wrote:

Stephen Knox wrote:

Using the crop mode on the D7100 gives you around the same MP as a regular image from the D7000.

How does an image from the D7100 taken in crop mode compare with the an image from the D7000 quality-wise?

I must do this when I get the time.

If you own both cams, I look forward to seeing that......at your leisure.

But if you just download the images from here http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d7100/22 to compare it will give you an idea.

It gives an idea, but only shows the 24MP version of the D7100.

My logic might be flawed, but because the sensor of both cameras is the same size, wouldn't the pixels on the D7000 shot be bigger and less crammed because they are spread across the whole of the sensor and not just a proportion of it like the D7100 in crop mode?

And wouldn't this give the D7000 image the edge?

I'd be interested to know for sure.

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