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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

Rservello wrote:

Rservello wrote:

"None of your examples actually demonstrates ANY reason not to use any auto modes. Fact is, I don't think you shoot like you talk... Sorry."


It seems like I hit the nail on the head and that hurts. I also checked you flickr link now and it looks like you are using a lot of auto mode and never want more DOF, only less. All you images are taken wide open (or near) with the 50/1.4G and it looks like you are only using AWB, which is why the yellow color cast in your images, so typical for Nikon.

In other words, your arguments for the manual mode was a bit lame and indeed snobbish, you are not really doing what you are preaching. You are also a bit too young to have ever needed to use film or a slide rule. In fact, I don't think you ever did any of that.

Actually I don't know why it always says auto wb. But that is untrue. I set my kelvin and if there is any warmth it's intentional, as I do pp when needed. I actually have only use AF on any of the shots I uploaded. Of course while you are looking at EXIF data you failed to notice the last few shots I uploaded were 100% manual, even focus ( Most of the shots I uploaded are mostly in very dark naturally lit settings, therefore open app is my only choice.

I did not check the EXIF, just guessed based on the wrong WB in the images, which is typical for AWB. Of course, even manual WB can be wrong if incorrectly set.

As for the nail in the head. That was my subtle way of disregarding you.


If you didn't like my shots. Well that's your opinion. I like them and enjoy shooting for the love of shooting. Not to be the best or have the most "keepers" but to capture moments and feelings that mean something to me.

I never said a word about not liking your images, but the technique you are using isn't demonstrating the great skill you are preaching. Never the less, like I said, it is your camera, your images and of course, you do as you like.

Do what you love. That's all that matters. No matter the approach. My point was simply that if you want to learn. Learn the basics first. No argument or hard feelings needed.

I definitely agree with that.

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