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SergioSpain wrote:

I couldn't have said it better myself. A lot of people like to shoot in manual because it makes them feel more in control of the shot, when in reality, if they're using the camera's meter, all they're doing is making more work for themselves by fiddling with the dials. And there's nothing wrong with that as long as they don't preach to everyone about how manual is the only way to go. Let's face it, the exposure triangle is just not that hard to learn. We may like to think it is to feel smarter, but it's not rocket science.

If you dial in to the internal spot meter...ok. Does anyone that shoots manual actually do that tho?? I occasionally glance at the spot meter to see how far off it's saying I am. I'm usually under or over exposed by 3 or 4 stops. Why...because it's measuring direct reflected light. If I point it at someones eye and follow the meter the shot will be horribly over exposed...if I'm metering off a bright spot it will be horribly under exposed. Use an incident meter to get in the proper ball park...then do what you know.

Also...can you really say that when using full auto and taking portrait that a 1/60 f5.8 is REALLY the best setting for the shot?? If you understand what app/shutter does to the final image you know that for a portrait you are better off shooting at a lower ap higher shutter to get more DOF. Maybe you want the same shot, but you want to see the background...then you want a higher higher ap and lower shutter setting. What if you want minimal grain, and you know you can pull off a pretty low setting that the camera would say is WAY underexposed. Auto and spot meters don't take aesthetics into account....only 20% grey. Shoot someone in the snow using auto and marvel at the dark grey snow behind them. Shoot someone by candlelight and enjoy that noise field and distracting environment behind them. There is more to shooting manual than just to feel better about yourself.

Do you really think that most of the people who shoot in manual are using light meters? I gather you do but I seriously doubt most manual shooters do.

In fact, I don't think he has one or uses one either. The fact is that the meter in every modern camera is good enough most of the time and external light meters are actually not very fast to use. They are very nice to use in controlled light situations or in a studio with strobes and when you have a lot of time, but not very convenient in general.

And by auto I don't mean P mode. I mean any of the automatic modes. So I would not shoot a portrait at f5.6 and I would use +EV to shoot a ice hockey or skiing. Again, these conditions could all be perfectly handled in an auto mode. I don't think you need to shoot in manual to learn about depth of field, motion blur, exposure, or just about anything in photography. I've never used manual (except for time lapses) and I've got a good grasp of all these things. But then again maybe I are just exceptionally smart!

I don't know which camera you are using, but I find M very useful in many situations. It gives me the liberty to set shutter speed and aperture and can let the ISO be set by the camera. It is very convenient and gives me full control over the shutter and the DOF. Of course, you don't need to shoot M to understand DOF or motion blur or ISO. Exposure is fairly easily explained to a small child with normal brains. They know the difference between light and darkness and in fact, even the aperture is easily demonstrated to them, so they are perfectly capable of understanding the exposure triangle, which just like you say, is not rocket science at all.

Though... there are plenty people on this forum who don't really know much about it and would need some basic books, but like I said before, it is their choice how they use their camera.

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