Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Is your photography better with FF?

kelvin2345 wrote:

I am not a big fan of Thom Hogan, but I think his recent post is very interesting.

Thom is challenging whether the new photo gear that we purchased last Christmas has made us any better photographer.

I have been seeing a lot of "Should I move to FF?", "difference between f4 and f2.8 lens", "New DF coming" kind of posts in the past month. I really wonder whether the photos taken by those people have improved after spending all those money in new gears and gadgets.

I myself is a D600 user. The D600 was beaten to death with its dust issue and sub-standard AF module. But guess what, I just started to go pro with my D600 and all my clients like my results. I found it a fantastic camera and I can't get the most out of it yet.

To those who has bought new gears last Christmas - is your photography better?

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I think the question is addressed differently for different groups of folks.  To the guy coming from an iPhone or P&S to any kind of proper DSLR with lenses along with a good editing program(LR for example) the improvement will be significant and the equipment purchase warranted.

But to be honest, I think Thom is referring more to the folks that agonize over D600 vs D800 or should I buy a used D700 vs a D600 or is the 58 1.4 really worth the money, etc.

This latter group is wasting their time agonizing and debating such small increments in equipment quality.  Some of these folks are quite talented and these new pieces of equipment will inspire them to do even greater things.

However, there are a lot of folks that I've seen boasting about dynamic range this or megapixel that have no idea how to make a compelling photo and really do themselves a disservice by not elevating their photos with proper post work.  Why buy a D800 and a 1.4 lens only to take a picture of your poorly kept backyard?  You could be doing that with a P&S.

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