Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

caspianm wrote:

If one picks up a camera system as a hobby is better off to know the basic principals in old school way than just how to get there easy & fast way.

Yes, I agree that knowledge does not hurt, but it is totally pointless to learn how to process films or make enlargements from film. That has nothing to do with photography, it is a totally different thing called chemistry.

Of course, to learn the basics of how an image is created and what makes a good composition, how different light changes the effects, relationship between light, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, basics of color temperature differences and all that is indeed useful, I never stated otherwise, but just like you don't start learning to drive a car by learning to drive a horse carriage, there is no need to go hundreds of years back in photography. Nothing changed the last hundred years in photography except the media on which images are recorder and the way they are developed and shown. The light and all of its effects are the same as it always was, aperture and shutter works the same way and the color temperature is also the same.

That is the way photography is thought in major universities and photography teaching organizations.

Hopefully major universities also explain why...

It is a choice one has to make for himself as how to go about it imo.

Yes, but it is also ones freedom to chose to use a camera the way one like it. There is no right or wrong here. It is not that you are a better photographer if you know every technical detail about your camera, just like you are not a better photographer if you have spent time in a lab developing images, just like you are not better at math if you know how to use a slide rule. That's a misunderstanding.

A carpenter uses hammer and nail, but he is not less of a carpenter if he uses an electric or hydraulic hammer and uses modern and efficient machines and tools. A photographer uses a camera, he is not less of a photographer if he uses at least some auto modes, and I think EVERYONE uses some all the time. I mean, if you use AF, histogram, AWB, Aperture or Shutter priority or god forbid, Auto ISO then you use some auto modes, and if you are using the light meter of the camera then you are actually using the auto mode as well.

In my opinion, if it is a hobby you do as you like. There is no right or wrong, it is your own choice. If you want to buy a D4, set it to P and Auto ISO, Auto WB and use AF and JPEG OOC all the time then it is up to you. It is your camera, so why should anyone judge you for that choice? Use it as a P&S if you like. The images are still better than out of a real P&S, so why not if you can afford it and you want nicer than average images? I don't know why people need the feel to judge other people all the time. It's their choice, totally up to them. You can say that a certain image would look better if this and that was different, but that's about all. You can't really say that one is wrong the other is right way of using a camera, and you can't really say that ONLY those who always shoot in 100% manual mode know what they are doing. That's just pure nonsense.

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