Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

I agree that the FF Zeiss lenses do cost a lot. And the choices for A mount FF are limited (old Minolta glass excluded) . But what is interesting is E mount Zeiss lenses are coming out cheaper (eg 24-70 f 2.8) and 15 more lenses are coming in 2014. Plus Rokinon and Samyang might also build more E mount lenses for Sony. By over pricing the A99 (IMO) Sony is trying to really push the E mount system and making people adopt it over the A mount. Whether or not its a good thing is subjective, but it does means a lot of cash for Sony in terms of volume (not a bad thing from a company's point of view).

I may think differently but sensor image quality is one of the key things to a camera and the A7 and A7r are the champions in the Sony line. Yes the A99 is there but sill behind. As I mentioned earlier, the other features are subjective as everyone wants something over the other.

jjcpa wrote:

After intensive research, I decided to grab a used NEX-7 for $600 (Cdn) from local craigslist. I love A99. I went to Sony store couple of times to try it with Sony Zeiss 50mm --- Good color, solid body, in-body stabilization, flexible LCD. I can accept $2000 for the body, but the lens (Sony Zeiss 50mm and 135mm) I am interested in are way over my budget. Also I can not use C/Y Zeiss which I am using on my 5dII and NEX-5N (unless Leitax). I am happy with my current setup except fixed LCD on 5D II and no EVF on NEX-5N and no in-body stabilization on both. Hopefully Sony will put in-body stabilization in the future version of A7/A7R. The cycle of new cameras is much shortened these years. I will focus more on taking photo instead of swapping cameras. Thanks, JJCPA

eawhitcomb wrote:

Do it jjcpa!!! Last year I sold all my Canon gear and got myself the A99. I absolutely love it. When I had my Canon I would always be watching to see what was coming out next and I'd always get the next upgrade. With the Sony I find I don't really even pay attention to what cameras are out there -- I am perfectly content with what I have. The image quality from my A99 far surpasses anything I ever got out of my Canon (keep in mind, though, that my Canon was a 60D -- not full frame). I feel like I finally found the camera that is the perfect fit for me.

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The Zeiss FE 24-70mm lense is only f4. As someone mentioned the Zeiss versions are slower than alpha counterparts so that explains some of the cost difference. To me, the lenses and focus system are the most critical factors. Sensors can come from anyone and most of them come from Sony but it's the entire system that sets them apart.

Good point I missed that its f4. Yes bodies come and ho, its the lens ecosystem that stays. Looks like in the FF world the battle is tough.

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