Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

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Re: Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

philharris wrote:

The rangefinder/green light works pretty well, and in decent light the screen actually allows for manual focus by eye in my experience.


I don't have any problem manual focusing with my Df. In difficult conditions the green light is there an if you know how to use it (with a CPU lens + AF fine tune) focus at any aperture isn't a problem. Split prism focusing is something that I don't want or have any interest in.

Thing is, if Nikon had put a split rangefinder/prism screen in it, we would now be inundated with complaints about how it is unusable at f/5.6

I tried my 80-400 AF-S with the F3, which most agree is the nicest viewfinder Nikon ever made. Fact is you couldn't use it much above 300mm wide open, as it blacked out one half.

On the posturing front, I feel a lot less like a poseur with my Df than I do with my D800 round my neck, not that that bothers me of course, but I find it amusing that people associate posing less with a pro looking camera than an amateur looking one.


If I wanted to be a poseur, I'd bring my D4. Full body cameras attract attention.

Hardly anyone knows what the Df is, let alone how much it, or any of the lenses cost. Let's face it, to the non-camera enthusiast camera masses, the Df looks cheap. It has about as much poseur value as a Fiat Uno.

No one notices you with a Df, and hardly anyone hears you. Just the way I like it.

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