Trying to choose btw G1 X ang G16?

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I want to buy a new compact camera. I am not a pro, but from what I read in reviews, G1 X gives much better performance in low light situations, which is important for me. G16 on the other hand has features like a faster processor, WiFi etc. Most importantly, G1 X was released 2 years ago which makes me feel like I'm buying something old.

I'm also open to buying other brands such as Sony and Nikon.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Unless you shoot a lot of macro, though using a close up lens you can get excellent results from the G1X. I have owned many m4/3's cameras and the Sony NEX 5N and they have all had their strengths. However, the G1X beats them all as a versatile small camera. The image quality is superb and for landscape shots comes very close to my 5D2 at times. The jpeg engine is also excellent and often I don't need to use the raw files as the jpegs are so good. The pocketable thing is a moot point for me, I wouldn't try and put any of these cameras in any pocket, it's a poor environment for a camera, a small bag is much better and carrying a G1X is no different to carrying a G15/16 for me. Using a cheap filter adaptor I can use ND grads and other filters quite happily on the G1X. I also have a German made wide angle adaptor for those times when I want to go wider (18mm in 135 terms).
If image quality is your thing then it's a no-brainer, the G1X is truly superb in this respect and highlight clipping can be overcome easily with the right filter. The lens is superb, better than many higher quality zoom lenses out there. Here are a couple of examples to give you some idea of what the camera can do.

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Nice shots.


I have owned the G1X since it came out. I do mostly travel photography in urban settings, and photos of my family. I will recount my experiences with it in the hope that they will be helpful to the original poster, as one more data point to consider in his decision.

G1X image quality is superb, absolutely superb.

I rarely use the OVF since I find an OVF intimidates subjects and results in stilted images. I don't do urban photography that consists of poking a camera in a person's face. I like to photograph people in their environments, I do portraits only if I am photographing family members who feel comfortable posing for me.

I use the large, beautiful brilliant LCD almost exclusively, like a Rollei, it gives me time to compose the image.

I find the zoom range to 112 mm vastly superior to the usual kit zoom range to 82.5. I don't like switching lenses when I travel, it is obtrusive to the subjects, attracts unwelcome attention froml snatch and grab hooligans, the time spent inconveniences family who are traveling with me, and can get dust on a sensor.

I don't shoot butterflies, fast sports except tennis, or rapidly moving preschoolers.

The G1X is ergonomically excellent for my tastes. For example I have the button on the far left of the camera dedicated to white balance, so I can easily change this.

About half of my travel photos and 90% of my family photos are taken indoors. I hate to use flash, it feels assaultive, so I work at high ISOs, where the G1X is superb, vastly better than any other small camera suitable for travel that I have found.

The Sony Nex 5N, which I gave to my wife, has very good image quality, but it has the undesirable 3x2 native format, which is more suitable for movies than stills, and the menu system is maddening, I find it almost impossible to adjust white balance properly, the results often have an undesirable tint, at least in my hands.

The G1X has the very desirable 4x3 native format..

The Fuji Xe2 also gives superb images, perhaps even better than the G1X but is much bulkier, zooms only to 82.5mm, and costs 3 times as much.

I have been unable to find a travel camera anywhere nearly as good as the G1X.

Additional zoom range beyond 112 mm I would rarely use, and if I needed it I would enable the digital zoon to about 168mm equivalent, the sensor is that good so that using a portion of it is equivalent to cropping later.

Obviously I would enjoy a travel camera as small and pocketable as a Canon 120, a Sony RX100m2, or a Panasonic GM1 but the image quality of the G1X is the deciding factor. I find that 19 ounces is not much weight to carry.

My experience tells me that my best images are dictated primarily by the subject matter: the Swiss Alps, Venice, Rome, etc. and secondarily y by my limits as a photographer the camera is a tertiary influence but a camera with superb image quality that is also great in low light, does help.


Excellent summary of the strengths of the G1X, I totally agree, it's pretty unique for what it can do in my opinion, not sure how so many missed this camera, I guess you either "get it" or you don't. For travel I've paired mine with the Panasonic FZ200 ( I like a bit of telephoto now and again ), it works well for me.

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“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

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