Is your photography better with FF?

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Re: Composition, light and technique don't change...

I don't know why I find Thom's writing less and less engaging. He seems a very knowledgeable and decent sort of person, and he comes across as a good teacher.

But more recently no-one could accuse him of being over-humble.

Nikon are lectured to in just about every article on what morons they are for all the wrong decisions they make, from the big ones down to nuances of wording in advertising copy.

This recent article is addressed to us, the typical photographer/Thom reader. At its core, it obviously makes some good points and the "prove it" thing is a good thought-provoker. But it's wrapped in a patronising style of prose that puts me off somewhat. It's as if he judges his audience by the lowest, loudest denominator of web forum poster and writes to that.

But to answer the question, it's a resounding yes for me, the new gear made a provable difference. I replaced my D3S with a Df and (despite the (horror!) single card slot, 39pt AF module, locking dials) I find a take it with me more often because it's lighter, quieter and more discrete and the images are every bit as good. So I take pictures I wouldn't have taken, because I wouldn't have taken my D3S with me.

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