Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

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and that is……,

Viper K wrote:

. It does what its supposed to do...

……and that is……? Seriously as I'm eyeing the possibility of a Dƒ, but apart from amybe weight/size, I can't see what "it's supposed to do" that can't be done with for e.g.: a D600.
Please do elaborate, in a new thread of your own if you wish; we need more positive insights as to why people choose the Dƒ as opposed to people bashing it.

When reading the OP's post with an open mind, I accept the fact that the the Dƒ might be a camera for poseurs with money to burn; but I prefer to focus (manually if you will ) on photographers who have experience with other DSLRs & can provide tangible insights from their experiences.
(Thanks in advance should you wish to share any info)

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