Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: A few little problems with this article...

TrapperJohn wrote:

Panasonic, Olympus, and Fuji are mentioned when it comes to the declining P&S market. Not mentioned are the other big players in the declining P&S market: Canon, Nikon, and especially Sony, who is the most heavily vested in the P&S market, and is losing the greatest revenue stream from that downturn.

Note how figures appear and disappear in this article. Sales figures go from three months as compared to last year, to one month as compared to last year for the P&S market, to the only detailed mirrorless sales numbers in the entire article: a 3 week period in November as compared to... well, the author doesn't say what that was compared to. You might infer to the same period last year but he doesn't explicity say, like he does with every other sales figure. 3 weeks is a curious time frame to choose, sales are typically reported as quarterly or month as compared to last year. This sounds like cherry picking an odd time frame to maximize a sales drop.

Here's a funny one: Sony is the only camera maker turning a profit from smartphones. Well, they're also the only camera company making smartphones, with one exception: a little company called Samsung, who most certainly makes cameras, and most definitely is profiting in the smartphone market. I believe Samsung, more than any company, was responsible for Sony's near eviction from the smartphone market.

And most telling: the author goes to great lengths to portray mirrorless in a negative light, complete with disappearing sales numbers and to portray Sony in the most positive light, but makes no mention whatsoever of Sony NEX, a major player in the mirrorless market that the author is trying to discredit.

Either this guy owns a bunch of Sony stock, or he's trying to get a job with them.

I was motivated to check out Reuter's sources, IDC and Credit Suisse imaging analyst Yu Yoshida after reading my 2 cents by desaroo .

I didn't learn much of value from IDC .

But Googling Credit Suisse imaging analyst Yu Yoshida returned 6 full pages of articles, blogs and assorted fluff quoting Yu Yoshida including this Reuter's Article by Knight and Murai.   Same old chicken little stuff repeated over and over again by writers who lack insight or originality.

Sorry desaroo.

So I think that I have to say:

1.  Yoshida's stock positions should be investigated before and after publication of his "research"

2.  Yoshida's relationship(?) with Sony should be investigated.

3.  Most of this furor is fueled by a bunch of inadequate "journalists" parroting a superficial "analysis".

4.  Why do we (myself included) bother with this stuff?

Apparently there are lots of turkeys out there ---- in addition to this one who, a few days ago, posed for my MFT camera.

Canadian Turkey warming one foot ... and freezing the other.  Rapid exchanges leads to the "turkey strut".

Ah well, after doing all of this research I'll be able to sleep nights, knowing that my gear isn't going the way of the Dodo bird ....  yet!


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