Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

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Re: Why All Of The Anger?

Thoughts R Us wrote:

Why is there this anger at what is just a camera?'s not like we're talking about a cure for a disease, a plan to cure world hunger, etc.

If this camera is not for you, then fine...just kindly move along. Is this the first time that a camera company has released a camera that wasn't for you? Has every other Nikon release been exactly what you wanted?

The reality is that this is a fine camera and that those who actually own and use it really like it...a lot. Those who criticize usually have never even used or held one; a few of the critics are judging from using it for a few minutes in a store.

It just seems to me that much of the criticism is just plain immature. I bet many of those who are critics would love the Df if it were in their price range.

I agree with you!

There is too much immaturity in these comments regarding Df. People who do not own or use Df say most critical arguments, but people who have decided to buy it, love it. I use Df morer than d800. In Scandinavia there is not much light now and the high quality low light iso performance is important and Df is best tool to use in indoor or low light use. Df is clearly better than d800 in this aspect. In Df there are meny retro style buttons with which some do not like or need to play because of modern af-lenses. Df is very versatile and it is a joy to use it also with old mf-lenses.

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