RX10 'motor' noise recorded in video - what can I do?

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gskolenda wrote:

That can easily be fixed in post with a good audio program, many of them can in crease the signal to noise ratio. In fact I do it a lot, and I don't use in camera mics, I use a Audio-Technic short shotgun mic, I love it it works very well. I do this for just my own personal stuff, If I have a client that is paying me for video service, then I use a H4N Zoom recorder and sync in post.

I also use the in camera mics to help sync in post faster.

Most of the DSlr cameras, and mirror less cameras have pretty poor pre-amps in them. So that would not discourage me from getting one or shooting with it.

It is apparent that some RX10's are experiencing significant problems.  Issues that could not be easily fixed in post processing.

Read the rest of this thread, and you will better understand the situation.


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