Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

D Cox wrote:

Djnww wrote:

I agree. I can only assume that there are some badly assembled units out there resulting in shutter shock.

I have had no issues using the A7R handheld. I was surprised to find a 'definitive shutter shock proof' review where blurriness was seen in a photo at 100mm whilst on a tripod, when in fact my handheld shots are a lot sharper.

That seems reasonable to me. Your hands will damp the vibration, while a tripod (especially one with a ball-and-socket head) is more likely to resonate.

In my opinion the only real solution will be for Sony to develop a comparable sensor with an electronic first curtain. Then you can be certain there is no vibration.

The suggestion for a 1/8 or so delay would not be ideal but I could live with it. Eliminating it as you suggest with the electronic first curtain would be great. Did I remember correctly that the non "R" has the electronic first curtain? If so, what could be the reason not to include it in the 36mp model?

In the film era, there was a time when some camera companies released pro cameras, example Canon  F1n without mirror lockup saying they had dampened it enough as not needed. That was not correct. In most cases I had to use the original F1 w/mlu with my 600mm to get usable images.

For a long time I thought my 300mm for my 67 Pentax was crap. I shot with MLU. Pentax said it was a tripod issue. I had a beefy Gitzo and head. Not the case. The shutter curtain was so large that it took either long exposures or very fast to get crisp images. I had to work around it and eventually bought a Kirk brace made for that lens. Pentax would never admit to this problem.

This 1/100th or so possible, infrequent as it may be, shutter shock has surprised me. Apparently the shutters operate differently than what I thought which could introduce some problems under certain situations at this unfortunate area of shutter speed. I'm sure this will not deter me from eventually getting one of these smaller gems but I will wait a bit to see what lens offerings appear. If I have to strap on some of my older, lets say FD sized lenses, then whats the point of having the small system only to use re-type big lenses. I will just stick with my D800E.

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