A7r: new problem reports: Severe Shutter Pleasure!

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A7r: new problem reports: Severe Shutter Pleasure!

Just when we thought we were done with all this excessive focusing on something iffy called shutter shock, a new problem is being reported all over the web: Severe Shutter Pleasure. Yes, this A7r camera is just ridden with problems of its own, there seems to be no end to it.

If you thought the shutter shock problem was a big problem, just wait until you become aware of the shutter pleasure problem: whereas the shutter shock problem is putatively discovered to exist within a small range of settings; for example longer lenses, other brand IS and a narrow area of between F 1/60 to 1/120, the Shutter Pleasure problem seems to exist at a much wider possible area of settings! From iso 50 to iso 25600 and from beyond 30 second with bulb mode up to 1/8000sec. In short, it seems to be there at all times. There are even reports that severe shutter pleasure has been observed at the same time that shutter shock was present, the latter especially in the imagination of some people. o_O

More and more reports are coming in on this Severe Shutter Pleasure issue, for example, this issue is clearly the main cause of the A7r being given the camera of the year award from many photography lovers and reviewers, especially those who haven't sold out to other brands. Also, sony is not able to keep up with demands, they don't know what they have gotten themselves into. Sony has reported that there is 100% more demand than expected. All this demand will definitely give sony great problems. And wait until all those buyers start suffering from severe shutter pleasure effects.

This severe shutter pleasure is reported to take place in waveforms over long periods of time: it starts when you unpack the little problem-maker. Don't be fooled by it's size though: the problem of Shutter Pleasure is gigantic. And rightly so, it's not a mobile phone size toy-sensor, like the m43 sensor, it packs a huge 35mm sensor. But sony again didn't get the point and put this big sensor into a tiny, light camera. The fools, they just don't understand the needs of photographers, heavy, bulky cameras is what they want. Like the D800, or even better, like the D600, now that was a camera! At least that one was broken from the start and very few people suffered from Shutter Pleasure. And Nikon is not like sony, they just never even acknowledged the problem of oil leaking onto the sensor. Wow, now that's a real photography company for you!

Next wave of shutter pleasure comes when you start shooting: This camera is not for wussies, when you press the shutter, you feel a certain ooomph going through your body. It's like the double barreled shotgun among cameras, when you fire it, the ooomph factor makes you stop for a moment, you think: WOW, let me just take this in: I am making photos, not with a toy camera, but with the real thing. It is rumored that the minor shutter shock problem is also caused by this ooomph factor, especially with wussy grade tripods, but findings are not definite yet.

But that's not all, the next wave of shutter pleasure comes when you see the photos: iq is outstanding, colors are the best. It is so easy to create dof effects due to the 35mm sensor. The bokeh is breathtakingly beautiful with native lenses. In short, this Severe Shutter Pleasure could just go on and on.

Yes, it's a grave problem this Severe Shutter Pleasure. After I had compiled some of the reports and stunning photos, I got in touch with a sony representative. They have promised to look into the problem, they are willing to think about it: perhaps they can make the sensor smaller after all, it would take some working, but, hey, they were the ones inventing the walkman, right? If anyone would be able to do it, is should be them: They should be able to make a smaller size sensor, the size of a toy camera, like the m43 cameras, at least that's what we'd expect of sony, right?

Also, at the same time they could make the camera bigger and heavier to at least a little bit alleviate this Shutter Pleasure issue, they would clearly have to work on that too: making the camera bigger and heavier means more material, which equals to higher prices. Now that's a dilemma there for you!

But there will always be people in denial, claiming: "Nope, I have seen the photos and I have seen the high iso capabilities and I have seen the colors, in short, I have seen this revolutionary camera, but no, I will still keep believing it's just garbage. Severe Shutter Pleasure! Bah! Just a myth, that's all it is! And those people giving the camera of the year awards are all fanboys and amateurs."


Well, you get the idea.

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