The future for Fuji cameras

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Not trying to troll...

But given the recent sales reports over at fuji rumors, does anyone else worry about the potential for Fuji to throw in the towel and abandon this venture?

Having only sold 700,000...seems really low.

I love my x100s and x-e2, but I'm worried that if they continue to not make money they'll withdraw.

It's a tough market to crack, and I hope they fair better in 2014.


If Fuji drop the X sensor and use a bayer one instead then they have a future, at the moment a great camera and lens systems is being ruined by the X sensor

No. It isn't.

Yes, it is, the X sensor is the biggest arguing point of the whole system, some like it and some don't but many put up with it because they like the cameras and lenses.

Arguing? Not from me. It's just that forums generally attract all the complainers. It's been a long time since I came here for advice.

Clearly a lot of people are managing just fine with Xtrans, so perhaps the complainers protest too much?

I just found ways to make it work instead of complaining about it. As it is I use LR, as I have found sharpening using non-USM methods works better on Fuji files, even those already converted with LR. OnOne's Perfect Suite has a pretty good sharpening algorithm, as does Focal Blade. I still use LR because its moire free and has good highlight recovery, and even using a two pass USM in CS5 works better than LR's cruder USM.

Overall, I like to see innovation. I don't mind being an early adopter, if I am reasonably confident that issues will get sorted and so far Fuji has done a good job.

If you don't then you have a wide selection of "normal" cameras to choose from. As it is I have a wide selection of RAW converters to choose from. I don't have any issues with it at all.

There are some serious issues with Bayer sensors that most people seem to overlook because they are so used to seeing them they think they are normal. But moire and outlining look hideous in print, and Fujis almost completely avoid both.

Even on my Nikon D800 I get better results with NX2 than LR. Quite noticeably. This is not an issue unique to Fuji. I worked around that one too.

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