D610 long-exposure noise

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Re: D610 long-exposure noise

Ruud Wilschut wrote:

I think it depends on a lot of factors how many noise you'll get. Do you make a LE on a very warm night, or in the cold in mid winter. It's hard to say when your sensor will give you more or less hot pixel noise. Warm weather, Using LV and performing a lot of LE's right after each other will surely heat up the sensor, but LENR should deal with it for the removal of the most parts of the heated bright sensor pixels.

In observatoria they make LE's up to several hours and have image sensors to be cooled with liquid nitrogen. LENR is a very useful technique in (semi-pro) consumer digital camera's.


Very good answer from Ruud!

Yes in warm night (under some palm trees…) with each long exposure the noise will increase (happened to me.. yes under palm trees. Wasn't a Nikon, but the physics are the same more or less)

Last year in Vegas was so hot I had hard time after 10 am to hold my D700 in my hands. And if I start pixel peeping I can see some noise in photos of 20 sec or longer.

I bet you take a long exposure here (Winnipeg, Canada) of 30 minutes (if your battery will hold…)  and you won't have any noise. Yes, last night was under -40 C (or F if you want). That would make a big difference.


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